About Brian’s World

Brian’s World was founded April 2014 in Buffalo, NY. The host, Brian James began the show on Buffalo’s heritage station, 93.7 WBLK. With a focus on broadcast expansion, Brian brought on co-hosts DJ Big Rob and Michelle Visa. As an unbreakable tandem, the show dominated broadcast ratings as the #1 night show in Buffalo, NY the entire time it aired.

The show’s infant stages were all about self discovery and community service. The team devoted every action and broadcast to serving the Buffalo community through engaging, informing, entertaining, and educating broadcasts daily. With many ground breaking segments and unforgettable moments, Brian’s World’s popularity quickly grew among the community. Artists like Waka Flocka, Trey Songs, K Camp and more became guests of the show delivering interviews and impromptu cameos.

The move to Indianapolis.

After one year of service to the Buffalo community, Brian’s World relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana to join Radio One’s HOT 96.3. There, the show would make some changes due to a limited budget that required Brian to host the show alone and add DJ Topspeed as the mixer in Indiana. The show’s two year journey would be a constant climb in the ratings and would ultimately prove to be quite the challenge for the team. After focusing on how to service the Indianapolis community, Brian and DJ Topspeed would curate the broadcast necessary to do so. As time passed on and ratings continued to climb, DJ Big Rob would come into the market for various events and helped continue what was started in Buffalo.

While in Indianapolis, Brian’s World would have a lot of guests come on to the show including NBA players like George Hill and others. Each day, a new celebrity would stop by the show for exclusive interviews that not only engaged listeners but also uplifted them. Unfortunately, due to changes in management within the parent company Brian’s World left Indianapolis and began a 2 year hiatus.

During the hiatus the team would try various ways to keep the show alive. They began to organize content together that used the digital space to continue their broadcasts including broadcasting on CTZNSIX Radio. Each member continued their terrestrial radio passions as well in Buffalo, Indianapolis, and Baltimore. As the broadcast industry continued to shift, the show studied intently to find ways to plug itself into the future of radio.

-and then came Baltimore.

Baltimore’s heritage station 92Q would pick up Brian’s World. The show lives with the Baltimore community and thrives on helping the city’s infrastructure repair itself. Currently, Brian’s World broadcasts on terrestrial airwaves at WERQ 92.3 in Baltimore and continues to offer engaging media across all platforms. The goal is for the show to transcend broadcast airwaves and continue expansion.

Our Mission.

To elevate urban communities through engaging, entertaining, educating, and uplifting broadcast and media content. Through outstanding service to communities world-wide, raising the bar and setting the standard of humility and character. Delivering news and headlines with no angles or ulterior motives; just service.