• September 26, 2020

Citi Pledges $1.15 Billion To Help Close America’s Racial Wealth Gap

Citi Bank has shared plans to spend $1.15 Billion to help close America’s racial wealth gap. “This is a moment to stand up and be counted, and Citi


Amazon Ring Premieres a Flying Surveillance Drone For $250

I've got a buddy who will hate this. He thinks that robots are going to take over.

TV & Film

Denzel Washington On Chadwick Boseman: “He Lived a Full Life.”

"He didn't get cheated. We did. I pray for his poor wife and his family. They got cheated, but he lived a full life," Washington shares.


Here Are 8 Tips & Tricks For Getting Started With iOS 14

Having fun with the iOS 14 update? Here are some tips & tricks to help get the most from the update.