• November 30, 2020

U.S Navy Confirms UFO Sightings, Calls Them a Different Name

 U.S Navy Confirms UFO Sightings, Calls Them a Different Name

Alien talk has been a thing for centuries but the conversation certainly has picked up recently as the United States Navy can confirm that they have captured “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” on video surveillance, a Navy spokesperson, Joseph Gradisher says.

The catch is that the Navy isn’t exactly sure what the objects are.

“The three videos (one from 2004 and two from 2015) show incursions into our military training ranges by unidentified aerial phenomena,” Gradisher told NBC News. “The Navy has characterized the observed phenomena as unidentified.”

The first of the three videos was nicknamed FLIR1 and shows an “oblong-shaped object” accelerate out of the video’s view. The second video, nicknamed Gimbal shows the unidentified object attempting flight against the wind. In the background of the video, you hear a crew member say, “look at that thing!” Some crew members believe that it was a drone. The third video nicknamed GO FAST shows the unidentified object soaring over water with crew members in the background saying, “what the f— is that?” and “what is that, man?”

These nicknames were not confirmed by Grandisher and are common terms among enthusiasts and researchers.

Attantion was brought to these three videos by the To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, founded by Tom DeLonge of Blink 182.

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