• September 26, 2020

A “Dissertation of Kanye West” From the Kanye Generation

 A “Dissertation of Kanye West” From the Kanye Generation

It’s no secret that we, millennials are the Kanye Generation. That doesn’t necessarily mean that all 90s babies are Kanye West fans but it does mean that we have seen him from the very beginning of his career until now.

That’s where the pain sets in.

It’s painful more than aggravating to watch Kanye West because we have so many moments of musical paradise to hold on to while watching him become a stranger right before our eyes. Ye’s lyrics coupled with his remarkable production has helped all of us at various points in our life, but as of recent it’s caused more pain than it’s healed. We’ve been toyed with in terms of release dates and we’ve been oversold mediocrity in recent years of his career and many of us have cried our last tear.

If he’s the one chasing a messiah-like legacy, why are we the ones with the bloody crown? Why has supporting Kanye West become difficult?

It’s become difficult because he, like all of us, is human. Clearly, this human is crying out and honestly, it’s no longer about music. Here’s the first part of our Dissertation of Kanye West.

This episode features Baltimore and Washington, DC Radio Personality, Dirty Rice. Thoughts and opinions are of the show and are no reflection of our any of our affiliates or Radio One.

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