• September 27, 2020

Latest Patch For Madden 20 Adds New Equipment, Franchise Updates, and More

 Latest Patch For Madden 20 Adds New Equipment, Franchise Updates, and More

We’ve been loving the updates that the Madden dev team has been adding to their titles. The latest patch hit the server this week and it addresses everything from Franchise updates, equipment additions, player likenesses and more.

Global Updates

♦General Connectivity & Stability improvements
♦NFL Player likeness update for Panthers TE Greg Olsen
♦Added black Captain’s patch to 49ers white alternate uniform
♦Added white alternate pants for Saints
♦New Equipment added: Xenith Shadow Helmet, 35 new facemasks, 3 new neckrolls

Franchise Mode Updates

♦Fifth Year Option: In Coach Mode, during the Free Agent Recap week, if the user’s team has qualifying personnel, the user-Coach will experience a scenario to decide whether or not to sign eligible players to a fifth-year option; corresponding news stories that reference the ‘Fifth Year’ contract will populate as well
♦Fixed an issue causing the button hints in the Pause menu to get covered up by the game results bar
♦Fixed an issue allowing league members to change league settings, such as Skill Level, in multi-user leagues where only the commissioner should have that ability
♦Fixed an issue preventing a player’s X-Factor ability from appearing on the field after the user successfully completed a break-out scenario with a player developing from Superstar to Superstar X-Factor
♦Fixed an issue causing a user-controlled QB to have their Kicker/Punter show up as a mentor when injured
♦Fixed various typos in text message conversations
♦Fixed an issue causing the ‘Mossed’ ability to display the ‘Double Me’ icon on the field
♦Fixed in issue causing the incorrect team’s art to show up in a weekly news article
♦Fixed some typos and grammar errors in Play Now Live match descriptions

Playbooks Update

♦New ‘Nickel Triple’ defensive formation added to Bears, Giants, Redskins, Texans
♦New Nickel 2-4-5 Odd defensive formation added to Bears, Buccaneers, Cardinals, Packers, Panthers, Ravens, Titans
♦New Goal Line 6-2 defensive formation added to all team playbooks
♦Added 3-4 Odd defensive formation to Panthers
♦Added 3-4 Under and 3-4 Over ED defensive formations to Chargers
♦Added 3-4 Bear formation to Cardinals, Buccaneers, Dolphins, Lions, Packers, Patriots
♦Added 4-3 Odd defensive formation to Jaguars, Saints, Vikings
♦New Taysom Hill formations and packages added to Saints: Unique package adjustments in ‘Taysom Hill’ formation that allows the QB3 to be subbed into multiple offensive skill positions (Taysom Hill HB, Taysom Hill TE, Taysom Hill WR)
♦Added I Form Wing offensive formation to Bills
♦Added I Form H Slot offensive formation to Cowboys
♦Added Gun Doubles ‘RPO Zone Peek’ and ‘RPO Read FL Screen’ to Bills
♦Added Wildcat Patriot offensive formation to Patriots (This is the same as the ‘12 Gauge’ formation from the Falcons playbook, reflecting the trade of WR Mohammed Sanu)
♦New RPO play ‘Gun Doubles Y Off RPO Zone Y Peek’ added to Chiefs, Colts, Eagles
♦New RPO play ‘I Form Pro Bills RPO Alert Z Lookie’ added to Bills
♦New RPO play ‘I Form Wing Power Alert Smoke to Lookie’ added to Cowboys, Raiders
♦New play ‘Gun Stack Y Off Red Zone HB Scissors’ added to Packers playbook (This is the play the Packers used on first-quarter TD pass from Rodgers to A. Jones vs. Raiders in Week 8)
♦Fixed issue preventing some plays from showing up correctly in the ‘Offensive Concepts’ tab
♦Fixed issue causing some player icons in the formation play-art to be off the screen
♦Fixed issue with Gun Empty audibles in combination with Formation Subs that allowed receivers to get placed at running back
♦Fixed issue with some Jet Touch Pass plays counting as running plays rather than passing

Gameplay Updates

♦Updated ‘Nasty Streak’ ability so it will not activate when used by player out of position
♦Updated counter for ‘Threat Detector’ ability – can be countered/hidden on defense by using the ‘bluff blitz’ hot route
♦Added logic to contextually slow down AI-controlled zone-coverage defenders’ break on the throw when they are not facing the QB and/or moving at speeds too fast to quickly change direction
♦Fixed an issue allowing the offense to call a timeout after having already started the kick meter
♦Tuning to increase defensive reaction to running plays for deep zone safeties in Cover 4
♦Tuning to reduce release time on TE block-and-release mechanic
♦Fixed issue that caused AI-controlled ball carriers to rarely use special moves
♦Fixed issue preventing specific sack animations that appeared as fumble from registering as fumble
♦Fixed multiple issues with the ball bouncing around in players’ hands in various states
♦Fixed multiple issues with the ‘Special Check’ for Cover 4 Palms plays vs. hot-routed swing routes and Trips sets
♦Fixed issue preventing an additional defender from triggering tackle during broken tackle
♦Fixed rare issue causing the ball warp to the ground when throwing on the run, near the sideline
♦Fixed rare issue causing the ball to warp to midfield when using the pump-fake mechanic while being sacked
♦Fixed issue allowing the offense to snap the ball before the QB was set when playing on Arcade game style

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