• September 30, 2020

Lamar Jackson Passes Michael Vick For Madden History

 Lamar Jackson Passes Michael Vick For Madden History

Washington, DC (CTZNSIX) –

Sports gamers will never forget Michael Vick’s legendary speed in the Madden franchise. For years, Michael Vick was known for being the faster Quarterback in Madden history but Lamar Jackson has taken that title.

The Baltimore Ravens Star QB and former Heisman winner has been having a remarkable 2019 season. He’s led the Ravens to a 9-2 season and is on pace to break all sorts of records this year. Not to mention, he’s also the frontrunner to win the league MVP award.

We all know that the Madden dev team has put emphasis on the ability to adjust player ratings mid-season and have used ‘ratings adjusters’ to help determine the changes. As a result of his unstoppable season and unbelievable highlights, Jackson has become the fastest Quarterback in Madden history. The game now has him rated at 96; Michael Vick was rated at 95.

We took to Instagram to share a video of Vick passing the torch after receiving commemorative cleats from Madden to honor him:

Jackson’s Legendary Year

This season has been quite the year for Lamar Jackson. He’s currently nursing a healthy 111.4 QBR with 24 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. He’s racked up nearly 2,500 yards and has created unbelievable highlights on the field.


He and Ravens take on the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday at 1:00PM EST in Baltimore.

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