• September 30, 2020

Washington, Cleveland, New York & More Make Cuts On Black Monday

 Washington, Cleveland, New York & More Make Cuts On Black Monday

Dolphins at Redskins 9/13/15

Washington, DC –

Washington, Cleveland, and New York are just some of the teams who made ‘Black Monday’ staff changes. Carolina made their move before the end of the season and it’s rumored that Dallas could be making a move beyond Jason Garrett.

The Carolina Panthers, Washington Redskins, and the Cleveland Browns went into Black Monday without coaches.

Rivera To DC, Cleveland Needs a Leader

The Panthers parted ways with head coach Ron Rivera after a successful, but stale, stint in Carolina. Though he lead them to 3 NFC South championships, 4 playoff appearances, and a Super Bowl, the last two seasons have been tough for them. Carolina was 5-7 at the time of his firing and finished their season at 5-11.

It’s rumored that Rivera could be landing a job at any moment now. He’s expected to sign on as the Redskins’ coach, a team that has had an active day in their front office. Washington fired former coach Jay Gruden in the middle of the season but many fans thought that was just part of the problem. The other part? Team President, Bruce Allen.

But, that’s no longer an issue because Allen was fired early this morning (Dec. 30).

A couple hours North, the Giants were scrounging around their front office. After a 9-23 stint in New York, Pat Shurmur was fired as the Giants’ head coach. Though I think the future looks bright for the New York Giants, this season was certainly a rocky road.

Cleveland’s circus may finally come to an end after their head coach Freddie Kitchens was fired after their loss against the Cincinnati Bengals. With such a powerful roster, it’s so tough to see this team fail. No matter how difficult it may be to digest, poor leadership is more costly than we know.

It could take a team full of stars and put them on a path to failure.

We’re all waiting to hear the latest from Dallas. Head coach Jason Garrett has failed to succeed with this team and owner Jerry Jones is no stranger to change. We’ll stay updated.

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