• December 4, 2020

I’m Late But, ‘Designated Survivor’ is Really Good…

 I’m Late But, ‘Designated Survivor’ is Really Good…

Being late isn’t normal for me but it isn’t completely unfamiliar. This is one of those times I’m truly regretful for the moments I missed by being late.

I was completely late on the Netflix series Designated Survivor and I can’t forgive myself.

The series premiered September 2016 and was an instant classic. Designated Survivor stars Keifer Sutherland as an intelligent leader of the free world, Tom Kirkman. He was placed into power after being named the designated survivor during a State of the Union address. A bombing killed every member of congress and the cabinet, causing the designated survivor to be sworn into the Presidency.

Ladies and gentlemen, President Tom Kirkman.

President Kirkman faces all sorts of trials in his newly appointed role. The rough road in the Oval Office simply provides more chances for us to fall in love with Kirkman’s decision-making and charm.

You see, that’s what I really enjoy about the series. As somewhat of a political buff, I enjoy a “behind the scenes” look of U.S government. Designated Survivor provides exclusive insight into the day-to-day operations of the White House. Thanks to tense camera angles and stoic color choices, we feel like we are right next to Kirkman in the intense moments.

You begin to fall in love with the cabinet and start to root for them against evil. Not to mention, we are unraveling a conspiracy theory the entire time that we’re watching. It’s a piece that makes you wonder about what is really happening with our government.

It’s witty. It’s bold. It’s intriguing. I can’t believe I was late on Designated Survivor.

The piece averaged a near 80% rating between Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, and TV.COM. Its three seasons began airing September 21, 2016 and concluded June 7, 2019.

According to Digital Spy, the fourth season was cancelled.

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