• November 24, 2020

This ‘Casino Royale’ Line Made Daniel Craig Agree To 007

 This ‘Casino Royale’ Line Made Daniel Craig Agree To 007

Baltimore, MD-

Daniel Craig agreed to play the role of 007 because of this fiery line.

The 007 franchise has seen a fair share of changes to its lead character. For more than a decade, Daniel Craig has been the world-famous James Bond. He’s played the role longer than any other actor in history and it’s for good reason.

Craig sells the role.

Believe it or not, one line in the Casino Royale convinced Daniel Craig to accept the role. “One of the biggest reasons I did Casino Royale is the line, ‘A vodka martini, please.’ ‘Shaken or stirred?’ My reply was written in the script as, ‘Do I look like I give a f**k?’ And that’s it,” Craig said in an interview with Empire magazine.

He continues, “that’s the reason I did it. Because what I could not do, and what I refused to do, was repeat what had gone before. What was the fucking point? So I’d rather have just one and gone, ‘Okay, swing and a miss. There you go. Tried my best.’”

Daniel Craig has been James Bond since 2005.



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