• December 4, 2020

We Agree With Juicy J: “Music Is Not Just Entertainment”

 We Agree With Juicy J: “Music Is Not Just Entertainment”

Baltimore, MD –

Over the weekend, Juicy J issued an apology for his use of drug references in his music. The “trippy” rapper posted his apology on Twitter and sparked a conversation about music.

We danced on the podcast about the question, “is music about more than entertainment?”

It’s been a thought of mine for years but music is more about the psyche’s response to it. I’ve often found myself swimming through a particular playlist to erupt a particular mood. I may listen to an energetic song before the gym. Or, I may listen to a love song to fill my heart with love.

Music has an aftertaste. Juicy J’s apology is proof.

He is an artist who has been on the other side. He’s written music of all persuasions and now he’s apologizing for it. Why? Because music is about more than entertainment.

Let’s talk about my views on Episode 33. Then let me know what you think.

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