• December 4, 2020

This Weekend On BW Live: Is the Humor of Pain Healthy?

 This Weekend On BW Live: Is the Humor of Pain Healthy?

Photograph by Eli Pousson, 2019 March 28.

Baltimore, MD

Coming up this weekend on Brian’s World Live: Baltimore we’ll explore the i

Thanks to social media we get real-time reactions to some of the world’s darkest moments. This past week was dominated with big headlines surrounding the bombing of Iran. Those headlines led to a barrage of joking banter surrounding the possibility of a ‘World War III’.

While some of the posts were quite comical I can’t help but wonder if this is a joking matter.

Even locally, this past week was dominated by headlines of Baltimore’s outrageous (and historic) murder rate. Before the end of the year, Baltimore had reached the middle 300s mark for murders. That rate is the highest rate per capita across the country. It’s also the highest that the city has ever seen.

The social media response didn’t seem to concerned, however. Many began to joke about the dangers of living in Baltimore.

The Chat

I’ve wrestled with the idea that I may take things too seriously. But, with murderous and violent headlines, I can’t help but wonder if the culture just isn’t taking things serious enough?

We’ll talk to the city and get a feel for a solid answer. Don’t miss Brian’s World Live on Sunday at 3PM on 92Q.

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