• December 2, 2020

Opinion: Will Smith’s Jealousy Over Tupac Isn’t Jealousy, It’s Humanity

 Opinion: Will Smith’s Jealousy Over Tupac Isn’t Jealousy, It’s Humanity

Washington, DC –

Will Smith stopped by the Breakfast Club to promote Bad Boys 3 with Martin Lawrence. During the interview, he shared that he was jealous of Jada Pinkett-Smith’s relationship with her childhood friend, Tupac.

But, was it jealousy? I think it was humanity. 

Without permitting jealousy, Will having concerns about his wife and their childhood friend’s relationship is not alarming to me.

Before you label me toxic, stop and ask yourself about how you would initially feel after meeting your spouse’s childhood friend and learning that things may have gone past platonic. Their relationship was convoluted since we first found out that they even knew each other.

Convoluted relationships have consequences: other convoluted relationships.

As a result, spouses may react to that confusion and I think that’s all Will Smith was doing in the time that he calls himself “jealous”. I think he was just trying to understand what was going on between Jada and Pac.

Hell, I think they were trying to understand themselves.

There were love notes, poems, headlines, and all sorts of rhetoric surrounding Pac and Jada, I could just imagine Will Smith trying to find his way into Jada’s heart. I think Will’s actions weren’t out of jealousy but they were out of concern. I’m learning that concerns are rectified by stern communication. I could be wrong but I wonder what the conversation was like about Pac and Jada’s relationship.


What do you think? Do you understand my point of view? Do you have your own?

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