• September 28, 2020

WNBA’s New CBA Ruling Was Needed but Overdue; Salary Bumps, Maternity Pay, and More

 WNBA’s New CBA Ruling Was Needed but Overdue; Salary Bumps, Maternity Pay, and More

Balitmore, MD-

The WNBA agreed to the terms of a new CBA deal today. The new deal is set to last through 2027.

Though overdue, the new deal provides several improvements to league policies. Here’s some key attributes of the new deal:

  • 30% increase in Salary cap
  • $1.6 M in league marketing agreements & improvements
  • Individual hotels
  • Travel upgrades
  • Off-season employment
  • Payment during maternity leave

There are other league improvements that are ushered in with the new CBA deal. “We believe it’s a groundbreaking and historic deal,” WNBA commissioner Cathy Engelbert said. “I’m proud of the players; they bargained hard, they unified, they brought attention to so many important topics.”

SI’s Michael McCann highlights that the new deal brings a “53% increase in total cash compensation”. Per new CBA ruling, players can earn up to $500K annually with player maximums jumping up to $215K/Year.

-that’s nearly double the current maximum of $117K/Annually.

Finally, respect.

WNBA players have been giving their all to the game since the league launched in 1997. As player and league operations actions became public knowledge, it became apparent immediately that things needed to change for these women.

Players were not only underpaid, but were also working in conditions that didn’t necessarily respect the women.

Travel conditions, maternity leave, domestic violence policies, and other non-monetary changes to the league’s CBA help bring the respect that these women deserve as humans.

The league will usher in a domestic violence policy that is long overdue. Before this new CBA, there was no established protocol for players who were involved in domestic violence situations. Now, the league will offer administrative leave and can keep players off the floor during an investigation. New CBA ruling helps to separate the players from the team and allows the league room to conduct a thorough investigation without distractions. Players involved in domestic violence disputes can also be offered counseling and education to help them get through their case.

Players also get maternity benefits per the new CBA ruling, granting them fully-paid maternity leave. The league also will offer a childcare stipend of $5,000, facility accommodations for nursing mothers, and two-bedroom apartments for players with children.

Veteran players can be reimbursed up to $60K for expenses related to adoption, surrogacy, fertility/infertility treatment, and other female healthcare concerns.

Finally, respect.

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