• September 26, 2020

Drake Had a Role In Bringing Paul George and Kawhi Leonard to L.A

 Drake Had a Role In Bringing Paul George and Kawhi Leonard to L.A

Los Angeles, CA-

Drake played a key role in bringing Paul George and Kawhi Leonard together in Los Angeles.

Returning home has been a priority for Paul George. The All-Star forward is from Palmdale, California and he’s wanted return home to be closer to his loved ones. “I didn’t know how far it was going to take me. What I wanted to get to in my career is being back home. Being close to my people,” George shared in an interview with ESPN.

Kawhi Leonard opted to enter the free agency after taking Toronto to the finals. Before signing with Los Angeles, he would fly out there for free agent meetings. He stayed at Drake’s Hidden Hills mansion during these meetings. Drake and Kawhi developed a relationship during Kawhi’s time in Toronto.

After signing with Clippers, Kawhi Leonard would lend a hand towards bringing George home. Kawhi’s stature in the league and his value to his new team increased the Clippers’ interest in George. They wanted to bring him over to L.A because Leonard had suggested it.

Getting the terms of the trade together is never an easy task but thanks to a mutual friend, the two would have help. This mutual friend would offer his home for the two stars to organize the trade. In fact, the duo met at this mutual friend’s home at least 3 times, sources say.

This mutual friend was Drake. 




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