• September 30, 2020

Remembering Aaliyah: Baby Girl’s Spirit Still Lives On

 Remembering Aaliyah: Baby Girl’s Spirit Still Lives On

Baltimore, MD-

Aaliayh would have been 41 today.

The beautiful singer died tragically in a plane crash in the Bahamas. Her spirit and her soul still shine bright, long after her passing. In her youth she was well ahead of her time and had accomplished so much in her short life.

I remember the moment she passed.

I was riding back with my family from Atlantic City. We were taking the Amtrak back to Maryland when my father got the news and shared it with me. I still remember the confusion I felt in trying to imagine tomorrow without her. I was at an age of learning and was coming into an age of understanding. I was stunned that Aaliyah had passed.

Her sound could easily lead today’s music. She had a passion for music and arts that allowed her to more progressive with her sound. Hits like ‘Try Again’, ‘Rock the Boat’, ‘We Need a Resolution’, and others fit right in with other songs in rotation.

She was real. You could feel her when she talked, sang, acted, or was simply posing in a picture. We could feel her authenticity. I was so young when we lost her but it still feels like yesterday. Her light shined so bright that she will literally never be forgotten.

Help us show her love on her 41st birthday! Here’s an interview from 1995 on BET’s “In Your Ear”. I saw this interview for the first time a few minutes ago and figured I’d share.

Hope it makes you smile like it did for me. Happy birthday, Aaliyah!

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Happy bee day Lili ✨✨

Happy bee day Lili ✨✨

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