• September 25, 2020

Senators Sworn In, Formal Impeachment Trial Will Begin Tuesday

 Senators Sworn In, Formal Impeachment Trial Will Begin Tuesday

Washington, DC –

The articles of impeachment have been delivered to senate. Senators and impeachment managers have been sworn in. The formal impeachment trial for Donald Trump will begin Tuesday at 1PM.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was sworn in to oversee the impeachment trial as well as the 99 Senators. Rep. Senator James Inhofe was not sworn in as he was out of town with a family emergency.

The house is set to argue the impeachment of Donald Trump and strict rules have been set in place. Talking between senators has been prohibited and the house expects “quiet” during the trial. Cell phone use has also been prohibited in the chamber. All votes must casted by standing and everyone must address Justice Roberts as “Mr. Chief Justice”.

Mitch McConnell detailed a schedule for trial deadlines:

  • Jan. 18 by 5 p.m. ET: The House of Representatives can file a trial brief with the secretary of the Senate before this date and time.
  • Jan. 20 by noon: Deadline for when the President can file a trial brief.
  • Jan. 21 by noon: Deadline for the House to file a rebuttal brief.

Sen. Bernie Sanders tells CNN that he is hoping for a fair trial. “We have a constitution. We have a rule of law. It is absolutely imperative that no president can be above the law no matter who you are. And if we allow this President to be above the law, it sets a terrible precedent for future presidents and for the future of this country. So I would hope that senator McConnell allows us to have a full and fair trial,” Sanders said.

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