• December 3, 2020

Yo Gotti, Roc Nation To Hold Prison Reform Rally In Mississippi

 Yo Gotti, Roc Nation To Hold Prison Reform Rally In Mississippi


Yo Gotti revealed in a recent interview that he and Roc Nation are planning a prison reform rally in Mississippi.

“We’re in the process right now of setting up a whole rally down there, so the word is being heard,” Yo Gotti shared with CBS News. “We’re trying to make sure that they feel us and that they feel we’re trying to do something about it.”

Gotti and Roc Nation have sued the Mississippi Department of Corrections after five inmates died violently. The story caught on Nationally but without action, awareness is meaningless.

The lawsuit claims that the Mississippi Corrections Department has “failed to fund its prisons”. As a result, inmates are dying. More than two dozen inmates are also on the lawsuit.

Yo Gotti has had his dealings with the justice system. He talks about how the justice system handled his family’s cases and freedom. “I grew up in a family where my brother was in prison. My father was in prison,” Yo Gotti shared. “These are real humans in there.”

Conditions of Prisons Based On Lawsuit

The lawsuit suggests that prisons in the state fail to offer the basic necessities of the inmates. It also claims that the prisons are understaffed. The recent deaths are a “culmination of years of severe understaffing and neglect,” the lawsuit suggests. According to the lawsuit, overflows of sewage, rat infestations, lack of water and electricity are all issues the prison faces.

Yo Gotti calls it a “lack of responsibility” and its believed that’s what pushes him lead reform. “Everybody is still human. They can’t live in inhumane conditions,” Yo Gotti said. “Some people are awaiting trial, some people can’t afford bonds. I don’t think it’s their fault.”



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