• September 30, 2020

BW Madden: Inside the “Coaches Box” With Washington Week 2

 BW Madden: Inside the “Coaches Box” With Washington Week 2

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We’re in Week 2 of the BW Madden League! We’ve been inside the “Coaches Box” with Washington for pre-season.

This week, we’re in Landover for a pre-season match up against the Lions. Detroit is currently in a heated Quarterback battle between the veteran Matthew Stafford, and the second year man from Alabama, Carshon Adams.

On Washington’s side of the ball, we’re watching how Haskins plays. Looking to see him get more comfortable with the addition of a few plays to the playbook. In his second year with this receiver core, we expect chemistry to already to be present.

Second year QB out of Standford, David Rafferty caps off this third quarter drive with a passing touchdown, right on target to Kelvin Harmon. Does he make the 53?

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