• December 4, 2020

Day 1 of the Impeachment Trial: Be Prepared To Burn the Midnight Oil

 Day 1 of the Impeachment Trial: Be Prepared To Burn the Midnight Oil

Washington, DC-

Day 1 of Donald Trump’s historic impeachment trial has been reminiscent of school house rivals at war.

Opening hours have been each side throwing light “jabs” at each other via their opening statements. Republicans have been standing their ground alongside Mitch McConnell’s leadership. Meanwhile, Democrats have been discussing how unfair this trial will be.

Neither side seems to eager to find reconciliation. 

All-Night Affair

With trial beginning around 13:30PM today, it’s anticipated that it will run well into the night. Undoubtedly, Democrats say that the long hours are because the President has something to hide.

“A White House-driven and rigged process, with a truncated schedule designed to go late into the night and further conceal the President’s misconduct, is not what the American people expect or deserve,” they said in a statement.

McConnell’s Changes In Rules

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell made some changes to the trial rules today.

Fellow GOP members sided with Democrats who thought that the initial regulations were too strict. McConnell initially gave each side 24 hours and two days to deliberate.

New ruling will stretch that to three days.


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