• September 30, 2020

Former Grammy Chief Calls the Award Show “Tainted By Conflicts of Interests”

 Former Grammy Chief Calls the Award Show “Tainted By Conflicts of Interests”

Washington, DC-

Former Grammy Chief Deborah Dugan says that the award show is tainted.

“The system should be transparent and there are incidents of conflicts of interest that taint the results,” Dugan shared during an interview with ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’. Dugan was fired by the academy months into her job. She filed with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission claiming that she was sexually harassed while working with the Academy. She’s also accused of misconduct by the academy.

The academy has denied those allegations.

“Spurious allegations claiming members or committees use our process to push forward nominations for artists they have relationships with are categorically false, misleading and wrong,” Chief Awards Officer Bill Freimuth shared in a statement.

Dugan’s claims suggest that the academy has helped push nearly 30 artists to win a Grammy.  Relationships between artists and members of the academy is believed to provide advantages for some. She also claims that some nominations were given out to entice artists to perform the show.

The academy says that it has “strict rules in place to address any conflict of interest.” Side note, they’re just allegations right now. The academy says that it has launched an investigation.

Dugan’ Still Watching

Even though she has indifferent feelings about the awards Dugan said she still will be watching Sunday. She’s said that all the hard work is why she’s watching .

“I couldn’t say more positive things about all of the nominations and everyone that performs,” she said. “Oh, my God, I hate that I’m in this situation because I’d much rather be talking about the artists and their music.”

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