• September 29, 2020

Fortnite Has Officially Become a High School Sport

 Fortnite Has Officially Become a High School Sport

Baltimore, MD-

Popular online shooting game Fortnite has officially become a high school sport.

According to TechCrunch, the game has become a sport in college and high school athletics. PlayVS is the company behind the innovation.

Schools will be placed into conferences depending on the location. Each team will have a duo of players face off against another school. Players must compete on campus with a coach and may use any system they’d like.

“Millions of people are already playing Fortnite – it’s become a part of culture.” Delane Parnell, founder and CEO of PlayVS, said in a statement. “We hope adding the title to our game lineup and expanding platform access to colleges inspires the gamer in everyone to get involved in their school’s programs.”

Registration is open for high schoolers until February 17th and until February 26th for collegiate athletes. Season play is scheduled to begin on March 2nd.

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