• September 28, 2020

Analysis: Why Mase’s Comments About Diddy Are Important For the Game

 Analysis: Why Mase’s Comments About Diddy Are Important For the Game

Baltimore, MD-

Mase took to Instagram to reveal some harsh thoughts about his former friend, Diddy. If true, they are overwhelmingly important to Hip Hop.

On Friday, the former Bad Boy rapper shared his gripes against Diddy on Instagram. His claims were that Mase was withheld publishing income from successful records that the pair put out together. The comments came after Diddy made a chilling speech during Grammy week where he addressed the issues of the music industry. He sounded as if he was trying to incite a revolution, of sorts.

Very compelling words but nothing is more compelling than the truth. That’s what makes Mase’s comments so piercing because both men are sharing conflicting passions. If Mase is telling the truth then Diddy is delivering this speech from a place of contradiction and subsequently is thrusting himself into a hypocritical stance in the industry.

Mase spared no feelings when sharing his views.

“I heard u loud and clear when u said that u are now for the artist and to that my response is if u want to see change you can make a change today by starting with yourself,” Mase posted on Instagram. “Your past business practices knowingly has … been extremely unfair to the very same artist that helped u obtain that Icon Award on the iconic Badboy label.”

Why the comments are important?

Personally, I think one of the most infectious diseases in our industry is insincerity.

Some handshakes, hugs, tweets, posts, smiles, and stares; I can see right through them. A lot of my colleagues rely on those phony gestures to get through their day but without truth to stand on, our careers become a balancing act in quicksand.

The phony rhetoric gives no one a solid ground to stand on. If Diddy’s speechcame from a place of dishonesty and contradiction, the penalty of those words could be a set back. How can an industry move forward behind Diddy’s words if he didn’t even honor his own word with Mase?

It’s still early and we don’t know what’s true but I certainly hope that we are able to find ways to push the culture forward.

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