• December 2, 2020

The “Lake Show” Says Goodbye To Its Star, Kobe Bryant: Tribute Game

 The “Lake Show” Says Goodbye To Its Star, Kobe Bryant: Tribute Game

Los Angeles, CA –

Almost one week after losing Kobe Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers paid tribute to their fallen legend.

Although the Lakers weren’t able grab the victory against Portland last night, they did give their angels a proper off. I watched the entire tribute, even through the tough moments. Besides the fact that ESPN and the Lakers kept pulling at the heart strings with that God-awful “See You Again” song, it was a warm moment for the world.

The silver lining of tragedy is how it is able to bring us together.

I enjoyed the pre-game commentary between the talented cast of Michael Wilbon, Stephen A. Smith, Jalen Rose, and Paul Pierce. The cast was perfectly led by the talented and beautiful, Maria Taylor who did a phenomenal job. They were able to highlight some memories of Kobe Bryant and his family as well as still cover the NBA action that was minutes away.

Very professional. Very tasteful.

The Lakers organization did a great job of memorializing their heroes, as well. Each player on the Lakers took the court wearing a Kobe jersey. The arena was dim-lit with spotlights shining on two court-side seats. One seat was covered in Kobe’s jersey and the other was the No.2 “MAMBA” jersey that his daughter, Gianna, wore.

Other spotlights also shined on both of Kobe’s retired jerseys that hang in the rafters at the historic Staples Center.

Television cameras caught some goosebump-triggering moments in the arena. Players, fans, coaches, and officials all were unable to hide their emotions and to be honest, I don’t blame them. I can only imagine the moment.

Watch the historic tribute below, courtesy of the NBA.


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