• September 28, 2020

State of the Union: Toxic Tensions in Washington Are Getting Worse

 State of the Union: Toxic Tensions in Washington Are Getting Worse

Washington, DC –

President Donald Trump delivered his 2020 State of the Union address. House members from both sides didn’t hide their emotions.

As we expected, the tension between Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was apparent. Their awkward exchange was a moment that exploded on social media. Pelosi extended her hand to Trump, but her gesture was denied.

Her disapproval was painted on her face throughout the speech and led to another historic moment. As Trump finished his delivery, Pelosi began ripping up his speech in the background of the shot.

Her actions were accompanied by other democratic members who also didn’t approve of Trump’s words. As the the camera panned throughout the night, you could almost feel the emotion of each house member’s expression.

It was rowdy.

Equally as emotional was the republicans on the other side of the aisle. Their cheering was overbearing and at times, completely unnecessary. As Trump delivered more praise for himself, his republican teammates proceeded to cheer like rowdy schoolhouse kids. As the cheering repeated, across the aisle, democratic lawmakers responded with faces of their own.

Rep. Tim Ryan actually left the address. “I’ve had enough. It’s like watching professional wrestling. It’s all fake,” he shared.

The Speech.

Trump’s speech highlighted a few of his accomplishments including the killings of terrorist generals. He also honored the families of fallen soldiers introducing them to the house as guests of the address. He honored a family who lost a loved one after he was murdered by an undocumented immigrant.

The facts within his speech are still in question, however. Many political analysts suggest that Trump’s speech was not factual. It will be interesting to see how the commentary surrounding the speech unfolds over the next few days.

Will the house ever mend this rugged relationship? Here’s the speech.

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