• September 28, 2020

Lil Wayne’s Funeral Album Debuts At No.1 On Billboard

 Lil Wayne’s Funeral Album Debuts At No.1 On Billboard


Lil Wayne’s Funeral album is the no. 1 album in the country on the Billboard 200.

Billboard announced on Sunday (Feb. 9) that Lil Wayne has done it again. His Funeral album moved 139,000 equivalent album units during its first week on streaming services. That equates to 38,000 traditional sales and 134 million on-demand streams. This is Lil Wayne’s fifth no.1 album and he continues to prove his legend.

Lil Wayne does it again.

Twitter erupted when Lil Wayne’s album hit the streaming sites last week and although I haven’t had the opportunity to really dive into the album, others seem to be enjoying it. From what I did hear, the 24-track project is laced with Wayne’s typical lyrical assassinations. He clearly still has some weight on his pen. However, I didn’t necessarily engage with the story behind the album.

I miss the days when the artists would pain Picasso-like pictures with their lyrics about their lives. Even deeper, those images would really encourage us (as listeners) to change our lives. We’d learn something from their stories. My goal is to really dive into this album this week and pick apart the story of Wayne’s Funeral album.

The album garnered much praise online, though. Fans and music connoisseurs have been sharing their thoughts and many people are in love with Wayne’s talents.

…Or, did he?

Of course, those are the good tweets. There are tons of backlash-tweets against the album from fans who expected more:


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