• November 24, 2020

I Witnessed the XFL’s Explosive Opening Weekend Live From D.C, Here’s the Recap

 I Witnessed the XFL’s Explosive Opening Weekend Live From D.C, Here’s the Recap

I woke up Saturday with the biggest smile on my face and I couldn’t exact figure why. I’m traditionally a kid who wakes up with the sun in his eyes, but Saturday felt a little different. I was excited about seeing some February football with two of my closest buddies.

We had tickets to see the XFL’s premiere in Washington, DC. The DC Defenders hosted the Seattle Dragons at AUDI Field and it was a Saturday that I will never forget.

We caught an Uber to Nationals Park and walked across the street to AUDI Field. The pre-game festivities were in full swing headlined but one of DC’s most talented groups, Black Alley. As we walked up to the beautiful AUDI Field, we quickly noticed all of the fans decked out in all sorts of Defenders paraphernalia. I’ll be honest, I was jealous. I saw this beautiful black ‘Defenders’ hoodie with a red ‘Defenders’ beanie. I wanted it so bad but I was so excited to see this much paraphernalia for opening day.


Tickets scanned and we’re searching for our seats, quickly noticing how many people were actually at this game. “Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse us,” I must’ve said a thousand times on our way to our seats. It was a packed house at Audi Field watching the inaugural XFL game in D.C.

Kick-off to final horn; excitement.

From the minute the ball was kicked off the tee, it was sheer excitement in the stadium. I literally couldn’t believe what I was feeling.

With the extension of the typical football rulebook, the XFL has high-octane action that keeps on the edge of your seat; sometimes without even knowing so. It feels like no lead is truly safe in this league and that anything can happen at any moment. It made the game feel closer than it really was.

It grips you and never lets go. But, it doesn’t suffocate you. In fact, it gives you life and fuels the flame of football within. 

Getting to know the players.

Interesting enough, getting to know the XFL players will be treat but also will be a challenge.

For me personally, I know most of these players. Well, I at least know a good portion of players from each roster. For my buddies however, they struggled recalling these players or remembering where they came from.

I think that if the league can expand on introducing the players to the rest of the world, it could thoroughly enhance the product. With the addition of fantasy coverage, we could get to know these players a little bit better and also could help keep the league alive.

But, sticking strictly to the experience I had at AUDI Field, there is a good amount of talent in the league and a great, level playing field between the players. These guys are competitive and every moment felt electric because of it. I didn’t feel the egos that I feel watching the NFL sometimes. While we’re not here to compare the two leagues (because that would be the shortest article in history), it was refreshing to experience pure football with guys who just want to win.

Recap the day with my latest Vlog post featuring my buddies Titus and Rick. The Defenders are home again as they host the New York Guardians at AUDI Field. Get tickets here.

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