• September 30, 2020

NBA All Star Weekend Scores Big In Kobe’s Honor

 NBA All Star Weekend Scores Big In Kobe’s Honor


NBA All Star Weekend 2020 was a favorite among fans and colleagues. The league paid tribute to the late Kobe Bryant with an electrifying All Star weekend.

It began with an action-packed Friday night live from Chicago’s United Center. It got off to a hot start with a entertaining Celebrity All-Star game. It was Team Stephen A. Smith versus Team Michael Wilbon and it didn’t disappoint. Celebrities like Common, Quavo, and others took the court but the real show was Stephen A. Smith who got a technical foul during the game.

Yes, “Stephen A” got a technical foul during the ‘just for fun’ Celebrity All Star game.

Common would go on to be the game’s MVP. He only had 10 points but as the broadcasters alluded to, he played a very thorough game on his home court. Team Wilbon would win the game 62-47. Here’s the full game for your viewing pleasure.

Team USA beats Team World a second year in a row.

Up next was my favorite event from the night: The Rising Stars Challenge. Luka Doncic and Team World took on Zion Williamson and Team USA. It was a beautiful game to watch. Well, minus the fact that it was apparently allergic to defense.

It was a great show of the high-flying talent that this next generation of NBA has to offer. I particularly enjoyed the action from former AAU teammates Zion Willamson and Ja Morant. They connected on many highlight-worthy plays but there was one in particular where Zion broke the rim. Literally.

Miles Bridges would go on to be the MVP of the game with 20 points and plenty of highlights to show for his performance.

High flying and controversial Saturday night.

Believe it or not, I missed everything but the literal final dunk of the night. It began with the NBA Skill Challenge where Bam Adebayo shocked fans and was victorious. It was unprecedented to see a big man win the award but “Big Bam” did for a special lady in his life; his mum.

“It’s because all she’s been through and all the struggles she’s been through and what the living conditions I had to go through and how she still strived to make me happy and make our house feel like home,” Adebayo said to ESPN. “I can’t do nothing but give her that and keep giving her every other accolade I get.”

Moving on through the night, Buddy Hield took the crown in the 3 Point Contest. It came down to a final shot that edged Hield over Devin Booker. Hield’s excitement was glowing in a post-contest interview with ESPN.

“I felt great,” the Sacramento Kings guard said. “Like I said earlier, as a shooter, this is on your bucket list. You have to come in, and you want to win a 3-point shootout. With a stacked field like that, it makes it even better.

Then, Aaron Gordon got snubbed at the Dunk Contest, again.

-I’m sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have led with that. But, i actually witnessed part of this live. The dunk contest came down to a head-to-head battle between Orlando’s Aaron Gordon and Miami’s Derrick Jones Jr.

It was a trending topic on Twitter as fans thought that this dunk contest was one of the bests. After the contest however, it was trending because everyone felt that Gordon was snubbed. Derrick Jones Jr. was crowned winner but, what do you think?

All-Star Game’s new format brings competition.

In honor of Kobe’s competitiveness, LeBron and the league introduced a new format for the ASG. Each team would raise money for a different charity during the game. The winner of each quarter would donate to their charity.

In the final quarter, the teams played a game that was first to 24 and man, it was electric. Check the highlights.

Kawhi Leonard was the recepient of the first ever Kobe Bryant MVP award and dedicated the honor to the late legend.

Here’s what everyone’s saying about the new format.



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