• October 1, 2020

Thirteen Americans With Coronavirus Flown To Nebraska

 Thirteen Americans With Coronavirus Flown To Nebraska


14 Americans who tested positive for coronavirus were evacuated from the Diamond Princess Cruise ship. They have been taken to Texas, California, and Nebraska for treatment.

They were part of the 300 people evacuated from the ship. While America took necessary precautions to bring their citizens home, other countries have not shared similar plans. Also, one American remains on the ship after refusing to evacuate. He calls the move the “best decision ever.” Sacramento resident Matthew Smith told CNN, “The decision not to be evacuated was the best decision ever.”

The flight to California was carrying 177 passengers and 7 of them were quarantined on the flight. Those 7 tested positive for coronavirus but showed no symptoms. 3 others were isolated because of a fever but tested negative for the virus. Upon arrival, 6 were moved to Omaha, Nebraska. Dr. William Walters explained to CNN, “three spouse pairs, which means four folks that were coronavirus positive but asymptomatic were taken to health care facilities in the vicinity of Travis Air Force Base.”

Walters is the Executive and Managing Director of Operational Medicine at Bureau of Medical Services at State Department.

The flight to Texas was carrying 151 individuals and of that group, 7 were isolated with “positive lab tests” but no symptoms. “Two additional personnel were placed in isolation during the flight for fever in accordance with the protocol we’ve discussed,” Walters said.

Like the California flight, the coronavirus-positive passengers were taken to Omaha. Per recent reports, the death toll from the virus has reached 1,868.

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