Police Investigating Murder of Pop Smoke: “There is a lot of information available.”

 Police Investigating Murder of Pop Smoke: “There is a lot of information available.”

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Earl Gibson III/Shutterstock (10506409av) Pop Smoke Rolling Loud SOCAL, Los Angeles, USA – 15 Dec 2019


20 year old New York rapper ‘Pop Smoke’ was murdered in a home invasion. Los Angeles police are investigating.

It’s believed that after the rapper inadvertently shared the address to his newly rented L.A home, assailants targeted him. The murder happened early Wednesday (Feb. 19) morning, law enforcement shared with the L.A Times. Authorities were called to the multi-million dollar residence just before 5 a.m. The call was made by an east coast number.

When officers arrived, they found Pop Smoke with gun shot wounds. He would be taken to a local hospital where he succumbed to his wounds.

Active investigation.

Authorities have indicated that “a lot of information” is available.

Capt. Johnathon Tippet of the LAPD shared, “There is a lot of social media information out there. The house is in a neighborhood surrounded by video cameras. There is a lot of information available. We have some work to do.”

Police are also aware of the video that “Smoke” shared on Instagram which may have revealed his address to the public. Multiple arrests were made when authorities arrived but everyone has been released. Four suspects fled the scene and have not been located.

They also caution the quick thoughts on a motive in the murder. Since the investigation is still in its early stages, they believe it could be more to the story.

We must recall simpler, more private times.

If you’re here for the first time, I’m an advocate of privacy.

That’s why you don’t see ‘gossip’ talk or anything because, it’s not relevant. In fact, it’s more counter-productive to societal peace than anything.

We’ve found ourselves in a tough time where lacking privacy offers instant gratification without the realization of its risks. While Pop Smoke probably was unaware that he shared his address, I can’t help but wonder if we should return to simpler times.

-times where our artists didn’t feel the pressures of attention. Times where they could disappear into the night and return with new music. Even then, they returned but kept their distance.

Sure, it’s cool to see that our favorite artists are human and do human things but I don’t think that the reward is worth the risk. For Pop Smoke fans, they would surely have appreciated if that Instagram Story didn’t happen.

Has our desire for attention put too much pressure on the industry?

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