• September 27, 2020

Opinion: Drake’s Next Album Can Save the Music Industry

 Opinion: Drake’s Next Album Can Save the Music Industry


Drake’s next album can change the landscape of the music industry. No pressure Aubrey, but if you pull this off correctly, we could be thanking you for years to come.

While sitting court-side as the Raptors hosted the Suns in Toronto, Drake was talking to commentators about his upcoming album. During the impromptu interview (that we’re gracious for), Drake talked about how he felt that there were too many songs on Scorpion.

As a Drake fan, I cannot agree. But I can agree that it rippled the culture. The waves that it caused eroded some of the “music industry beach”, if you will. 

Here’s his comments:

Drake, the lifeguard.

Here’s my theory.

It’s no secret that Drake is a trendsetter in the industry. Every decision that he makes turns into industry standard as some of his colleagues follow his success. I would say that his Scorpion project was one of the albums that pushed the industry towards releasing albums with big track lists. Yes, it’s been done before but in terms of modern artists and leaders in the industry; Drake helped set that standard.

With that same thought, Drake opting to go for a shorter track list on his next album could help the industry. As he mentioned in that court-side interview, shorter albums force you to pick the best of the best. Instead of artists and executives throwing 30 tracks on one project, maybe they’ll choose 14 of the bests. Or, maybe this can be the beginning of labels being confident in their music enough to stop putting albums out back-to-back.

(No pun intended)

Somewhere along the line we’ve grown accustomed to forcing music on consumers. Drowning in music sounds fun until it’s not. I miss the days of swimming in our favorite artist’s lyrics and fire beats. Imagine having time to enjoy 12 songs instead of being force fed a double album. As foreign a concept as it may seem,  the idea of quality over quantity is still a golden rule.

Drake’s next album could reinforce that rule for the industry.



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