• November 24, 2020

Thank You For Pushing Me To 100 Episodes! Here’s How It Changed My Life

 Thank You For Pushing Me To 100 Episodes! Here’s How It Changed My Life

Photo by Watty View/ Brian’s World Baltimore


We have hit 100 episodes! It’s not hard to believe that we got here, but it has been quite the journey.

It’s been a journey of rebuilding and perseverance. So many of these episodes were in between tears. Recording this podcast has been like personal therapy and has healed my broken soul. It’s also interesting how far we have come from episode 1.

Life’s a journey.

When we first started this show, I was doing everything in a very “Hollywood” mindset. I wanted to be famous and because of that, I did a lot of unnecessary things. I was treading water as opposed to learning how to swim. Even before leaving radio in 2016, I had a misguided understanding of where my time and focus should be.

I stretched myself very thin in the earlier episodes. Pretty much all of season one was a collection of me “trying too hard” to be famous. But as time rolled on and we arrived at episode 100, I was publicly humbled.

In that humility, I now understand what truly should get my time. I now understand that we are not creatures of millions of tasks but we are creatures of mastery. Our time and attention is best served to one vision and here at episode 100, that one vision is about service.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you. Looking forward to 100 more episodes!

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