• December 2, 2020

Latest South Carolina Poll Could Be Bad News For Biden, Sanders Gaining Ground

 Latest South Carolina Poll Could Be Bad News For Biden, Sanders Gaining Ground


The South Carolina primary is just around the corner and recent polls show Biden is slipping.

Democrats across the country have been keeping their eyes on the remaining candidates. The battle seems to be more about who can defeat Donald Trump instead of who is the best person for the job. We’ve seen the bickering and the fighting among the candidates and the time is ticking before we find out who will make the ticket.

Early on, officials thought that Joe Biden would be the favorite to win Democratic candidacy. Recent polls are indicating otherwise.

Bernie Sanders seems to be closing in on Joe Biden ahead of the South Carolina primaries. Polling suggests that Biden is sitting at a 27% while Sanders is just at 23%.  5 days of campaigning remain. This could spell trouble for 77-year old Joe Biden who has been making many mistakes, recently. With Sanders’ recent success in Nevada and Iowa, it’s not uncommon that he could overtake South Carolina.

For Biden to find his strength, he’ll have to refrain from making mistakes like he made in this week in South Carolina. Here, he mistakenly tells a crowd that he is a candidate for the Senate. He also goes on to say that there is another “Biden” running for office.

Age isn’t about age. It’s about youth.

It’s not that he’s 77, it’s that he’s showing signs of aging.

In fact, Bernie Sanders is one year older than Biden. But, with all of the mistakes that Biden has made on the campaign trail, you’d never know it. As a country, we would want to see someone in office who has a youthful approach to the country’s affairs.

It doesn’t require someone young. It just requires someone who is adequately present at ever intersection of American politics. It will require someone who knows he’s the President. Not a Senator.

No shade.

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