• September 27, 2020

Podcast: “AJ Showtime” Steps Into the Mixlab & Talks Growing As a Baltimore DJ

 Podcast: “AJ Showtime” Steps Into the Mixlab & Talks Growing As a Baltimore DJ


On this episode of Mixlab we head to Baltimore to sit down with AJ Showtime.

On a personal note, he was a DJ who was the soundtrack to my early days of unemployment. Me and my girlfriend would ride around Baltimore and D.C listening to him in the afternoons. He would spend nearly an hour playing literally the “right” songs to help me smile a bit. Every moment felt like a party but in all honesty, it was a technical hurricane that showed that AJ is a supreme DJ.

Fast forward a few years and now, we’re co-workers. God is good.

What I enjoy most about working next door to AJ every day is that I get to dive into a living music encyclopedia. Just one conversation with the Baltimore-bred mixer shows that whether it’s a birthday party, brunch, or broadcast mixshow, AJ is the man for the job.

One listen to his mix and you’ll see that he is a risk taker in music selection. That’s something that I picked up on very early in listening to him. With every risk, he delivers. He finds a way to bend the music and merge the lyrics to create a story.

A lost art in DJing.

This week we sit down with AJ for a 30-minute conversation about his story and the industry. It’s really interesting to hear how he grew as a DJ in Baltimore and what he expects for the industry in the future. Young DJs, this is an episode to learn the craft. Veteran DJs, this is an episode to get to know a talented colleague.


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