• December 4, 2020

Waka Flocka Weighs In: “Stop Saying Hip Hop is Dangerous”

 Waka Flocka Weighs In: “Stop Saying Hip Hop is Dangerous”


Recently, harsh critiques of the Hip Hop industry has resurfaced. Waka Flocka thinks that rhetoric is destructive. I somewhat agree.

In the wake of the shooting death of New York rapper Pop Smoke, leaders of society have been calling Hip Hop dangerous. In fact, it all started with a comment from Jim Jones who said that being a rapper is more dangerous than fighting in Iraq.

After his comments, Jones went back and forth with an Iraq veteran. The soldier told his story of serving in Iraq and proved there is no comparison. I’ve got to be honest, I know what Jones was saying but there really is no comparison. It’s borderline disrespectful to even try to compare the two. But, I see where Jim Jones was coming from with his comments, I think he was just being a little dramatic.

Waka doesn’t like the conversation at all and thinks it’s bad for business. “Please stop saying rap is dangerous,” he pleads. “Hip Hop is beautiful, bro. To be a gangbanger in rap is dangerous. To be a drug dealer in rap is dangerous. To be anything that’s negative is dangerous.

Let’s see the comments.

It’s kind of dangerous.

…and there’s no way around it.

I think Waka was highlighting the differences in rap offerings. That’s a very important aspect of this conversation because he’s right, rap music that is lined with gang references is completely different from the party records.

But, they survive at the liberty of its counterpart.

From other genre’s perspective, it does look like Hip Hop is dangerous. Jim Jones’ comments definitely adds fuel to that fire and can ultimately deter promoters from booking shows.

Let’s just re-write his comments for him: some of hip hop has its risks. 

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