• September 25, 2020

Opinion: Washington Shouldn’t Take “Tua” With No. 2 Pick In the Draft

 Opinion: Washington Shouldn’t Take “Tua” With No. 2 Pick In the Draft


Recent health reports reveal that Alabama star QB Tua Tagovaiola is healthy. After suffering a dislocated hip last seaaon, he enters the draft with concern.

It’s no secret that “Tua” can play Quarterback at an elite level. Whether he’s throwing 60 yard bombs down the field or running into the endzone, Tua is a star. But, with the injuries that he suffered in his last year of college, you can’t help but wonder if he’s injury prone.

He may very well come into the league and end up being a star. I can see it! I just don’t think that path includes spending time in Washington, DC.

The Redskins have the second pick in the 2020 NFL draft. Draft experts go back and forth about Washington’s pick. Some feel that the Skins may bring Chase Young (EDGE, OH. State) back home. Others feel that the Skins will draft Tua Tagovaiola (QB, Alabama) at no. 2 and will move on from Dwayne Haskins.

Fact: Haskins has only been in D.C for a year.

No more hurt Redskins.

If you’re a DC fan, I don’t think you want to see Tua in Washington.

No matter the sport, we’ve seen our fair share of injured draft picks. It’s felt almost as if every player that we’ve drafted with “high potential” ends up having a career of injuries. As a fan, I’m a little exhausted from all of the injuries that our young stars suffer.

Clearly, we’ve got an injury problem. Some people say it’s a curse but I just think it’s been the result of a bad environment. Either way, do we really want to risk it with another injury-prone player?

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