• September 30, 2020

Analysis: “Super Tuesday” Narrows Democratic Field, Biden vs. Sanders

 Analysis: “Super Tuesday” Narrows Democratic Field, Biden vs. Sanders


“Super Tuesday” has come and gone. It was a high intensity evening for the democratic party as its superstars clashed in 14 states.

With Klobuchar and Buttigieg dropping out of the race a few days ago, all eyes were on the big four: Biden, Sanders, Warren, and Bloomberg. With all four candidates wallowing in quite a bit of the unknown, Tuesday could have gone either way. Personally, I needed tonight to see what the rest of the country is thinking about who should sit in the Oval office.

-results were eye catching.

Biden is projected to grab 9 of the 14 states who voted in Super Tuesday. Sanders will grab 3 states. Also, Mike Bloomberg managed to grab the U.S territory of American Samoa.

Here’s where we stand as of 3am (Wed.) Results courtesy of CNN:

Biden is projected to win:
Sanders is projected to win:
Bloomberg won this US territory:
These states have not been called as of 3 a.m. Wednesday:

Biden wins big.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is a candidate that I’ve been tough on. He’s also been standing strong on the road proving me wrong.

I gave Joe quite the blues about getting him to run. If you recall, he was unsure about running because he wanted to be with family. I can’t blame him. You’ll miss your fair share of meals as the leader of the free world. But, time passed on and the dosage of “Trump” got too strong. I started talking about the possibility of Biden running for President.

I wasn’t trying to be insensitive or anything. Desperate times, man.

Anyways, Biden enters the race. Even after making many mistakes on the campaign trail, he’s been crushing the primaries. If I had to put my finger on it I would say that many voters see Biden as the most fit candidate for the job. He’s served alongside of Obama and has been in politics for centuries (no shade). His political prestige also may have voters convinced that he can defeat Trump. You know, if he plays fair this time.

Biden grabbing 9 states, possibly 10, in Super Tuesday is the super-est of news. He didn’t spend much money on this campaign and to be honest, he hasn’t seemed all the way there. But, political acumen is like riding a bike. Learn it once and never forget.

Well, let’s hope so. Good work, Joe.

Sanders may win biggest; fighting strong.

Coming into Super Tuesday, it was uncertain how Bernie Sanders would perform. Truth be told, he’s been showing a fighting spirit even after his heart attack.

A lot of my friends are adamant Sanders supporters. It feels like his core support comes from the younger demographic but you never know how many will hit the polls. Also, without a firm grasp on the black vote nothing is guaranteed.

I still want to know where this money is coming from for the “free” tuition and other things he’s offering. It’s not that I’m not interested in free stuff, it’s just that I’m more interested in the truth and all of its details.

Even in the states he lost tonight he was close behind. But grabbing California could be the biggest golden nugget of all the winnings. Safe to say, he’s still a frontrunner.

Warren and Bloomberg vanish.

I’m aware that was a tad bit dramatic. But it’s also not.

Elizabeth Warren and Michael Bloomberg were probably the candidates who could have the most “wild card” Super Tuesday. Warren had a great debate season, clearly proving that she could handle Washington. Bloomberg spent so much money, it kind of felt like he was purchasing the White House. No matter how many times I got tired of seeing his ads though, I always said to myself, “Yeah, he looks like the president.”

-statistically, they both were a toss up.

For Warren, her losing her home state of Massachusetts was quite the dagger. Also, it’s indicative that her campaign may be losing steam.

Bloomberg never had steam; it just looked like he did. Like I said before, his advertisements made him look and feel like a President. It’s nothing against Bloomberg but I’ve never been completely open arms to him as a candidate. My arms weren’t closed but I just wasn’t sold. I don’t know, I guess I couldn’t be bought.

Warren’s ferocity towards integrity and good will was special and my favorite. I also like Bloomberg’s strength against Trump. But, I think we could get that “announcement” from both campaigns soon.

Super Tuesday may have washed them away.


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