• September 30, 2020

I Cannot Stop Watching the pgLang Visual Mission Statement

 I Cannot Stop Watching the pgLang Visual Mission Statement


Kendrick Lamar and his manager Dave Free have unveiled a new venture named ‘pgLang’.

The company is a multi-lingual “record label, movie  studio, and publishing house” in one, says Billboard. But we’ll get to the company and their press release later. I’m pretty sure you know about it already.

As far as the visual mission statement, it feels better than it looks and that’s one hell of a feat. The dark-toned and focused visual takes you on a journey inside a bright tomorrow. It forces you to challenge things. Even in the short four and a half minute piece, you forget about our differences but remember them at the same time. Respect them, I should say.

“Imperfections are what excite us most. We want to work with those who can see the beauty in anything,” the video says. “Someone could walk in and say this black phone is blue. That’s cool — we want to hear your perspective.”

It defies gravity and gives you wings but it also rebels against the norm. Like, you know, on the ground level. What I’m hinting at is how it rebels against traditional video formats and places its work on its own site. 

That’s fire. Rebels can relate.

It stars Baby Keem, Yara Shahidi, and Jorja Smith (I’m blushing–that’s bae). The (genius) video was written by Dave Free.

Now, on to the company because I realized it’s not on the site yet. 

pgLang’s site greets you with “Our community speaks different languages and breaks formats for the curious. We are creators.” As Complex highlights, the company plans to “build stories that are equally accessible and engaging, then fitting them within the best media.”

Here’s a statement from pgLang:

As of 9.01am Pacific Time today, March 5th, 2020, pgLang is live. Created by Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free, this is a new multi-lingual, at service company. It is not a “record label”, a “movie studio”, or a “publishing house.” This is something new.

Lamar and Free’s new purpose at pgLang embodies something deeply personal to them. pgLang is at service to creators and projects that selflessly speak with, and for, the shared experiences that connect us all. “In this overstimulated time, we are focused on cultivating raw expression from grassroots partnerships,” says co-founder Free. Lamar simply says “Selfless. Reset.”

This  is  happening  now  because  the  media  landscape  is  rapidly  changing,  empowering audiences with choices like never before. Only a few contemporary creators have figured out how to speak the evolving language of this generation without fading into the white noise  or  pre-assigned  market  share. pgLang  is  designed  to  be  artist-friendly  above  all  else and embrace both quality and unconventional concepts. This ethos will be applied to an array of creators who will join pgLang, including authors, film and television directors, fine artists, producers, musicians, and blah, blah, blah… you have all heard this shit before.

Baby Keem, artist one partnering with pgLang, says, “Astronaut ideas. That is what I call the shit that I know I want but that stand alone. You know? Like, not everything has to ‘make sense’ to me in a rational way. This is how my mind stays fresh, by letting myself have my astronaut ideas and developing them even though it might confuse anyone else.”

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