• November 24, 2020

National Sleep Foundation Talks “Alarming Levels of Sleepiness”: Are We Getting Enough Rest?

 National Sleep Foundation Talks “Alarming Levels of Sleepiness”: Are We Getting Enough Rest?

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The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) conducted its annual Sleep In America poll. The results were alarming.

Studies reveal that 62% of Americans feel sleepy on average of three times a week. It’s reported that most just simply say they’ll “shake it off” as opposed to addressing their sleepiness.

“I have patients in my office every day who can’t understand why they are always so sleepy,” said Dr. Paul Doghramji of the Collegeville Family Practice. “It’s concerning to see so many sleepy Americans with no plan other than to shake it off,” Dr. Doghramji added.

I can attest to this statement but I also know that my mind is never resting. It’s something that I’m working to improve on. I wouldn’t be surprised if other millennials feel the same way. Our minds are constantly working because we’ve been conditioned to constantly work. It’s not rocket science. But officials suggest that unaddressed sleepiness could create more issues for us.

Per the study, those who feel sleepy five to seven days a week experience high rates of irritability, headaches, and sickness. 52% of surveyed said they were irritable. 40% experienced headaches and 34% felt “unwell”.

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? 

It’s funny because I recently was talking to my therapist about my irritability. You know that I’ve been in a season of getting more rest but I’ve been wondering about whether it’s been enough. It’s worth asking ourselves, “are we getting our rest?”

“Frequently, friends and family notice the effects of sleepiness including changes in mood and irritability before you do,” said Dr. Temitayo Oyegbile-Chidi, Pediatric Neurologist, Georgetown University Hospital.

Guess we should ask our friends, too. 

Sleepiness could be a warning sign.

Now, any Doctor would tell you that this next part is super-true: repeated sleepiness could be a sign of other problems. In fact, Dr. Oyegbile-Chidi says,”not getting the restorative benefit of sleep when you give yourself enough time for sleep could be a sign of other issues and should not be ignored,”

“These data suggest that people continue to avoid sleepiness as a symptom, but disregarding persistent sleepiness is ill advised,” said Dr. Patrick Strollo of University of Pittsburgh. “Sleepiness isn’t normal. If you experience routine sleepiness you should address it,” added Dr. Strollo.

How much sleep should we get?

Great question.

The NSF recommends 7-9 hours of sleep for adults 18-64. They also recommend 6-8 hours for ages 65+. I know, it sounds tough to attain. Us millennials rarely get a break. But, I’ve using Kobe’s routine of getting rest and it’s been helpful.

Happy sleeping!

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