• October 23, 2020

Running From Our Purpose Will Not Save Us From Our Purpose

 Running From Our Purpose Will Not Save Us From Our Purpose


This will be tough to digest but, running from our purpose will not save us from it.

I come from the school of thought that we all have been given life for a reason. We’re placed on this earth with a mission upon our souls. Each and every breath that we take is supposed to place us closer to our purpose.

Even if it’s a “purpose” we’re not comfortable with.

It’s funny, my mother has been saying to me how much I need to “stop running”. I won’t get into what she was talking about just yet. But I will say that we have a tendency to just run.

I’ve never been inherently comfortable with leadership and for that reason specifically, I would evade leadership positions. Just to find myself in another leadership role months later. Personally, I’m not running from my calling of leadership anymore. In fact, I’m now studying to cultivate that purpose.

Also, my life has a calling of service upon it. I was created and built to serve others. I’m now understanding that calling and furthermore understanding the life that I need to create around that calling. From the moment I open my eyes until the moment I close them at night, I’m spending my 18,400 seconds at the service of others.

While that’s not something I plan on changing, I know that I have to build a life around that calling. For example, if I’m serving all day then I need to come home to a warm and serving home. Somewhere that I can thoroughly decompress without the stress piling onto the day’s work.

How could I know that without discovering and surrendering to my purpose?

We do not need to fight our purpose any longer.

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