• September 29, 2020

NFL 2K5 Is Still the Best NFL Game To Ever Be Released, Madden’s Getting There

 NFL 2K5 Is Still the Best NFL Game To Ever Be Released, Madden’s Getting There


Released in 2004, ESPN NFL 2K5 is still the best NFL simulation game to hit the shelves.

I battle with this thought every year as the Madden roll outs for the next year begin. “Will this one be better than 2K5?”, I ask myself. Each year, I’ve been disappointed. Even though Madden 20 was certainly a decent title, it still doesn’t trump ESPN 2K5.

Realism unmatched. The passion of football.

I found a video that highlights my exact thoughts so I’ll be brief.

ESPN 2K5 was a game that kept the flame of passion lit within true football fans. Not only did the game highlight the excitement of the on-field NFL action, it also created a fun experience as a user. It used authentic ESPN broadcast tools to create a game that often times suffocates you in realism.

Like, I remember being a kid and completely forgetting that I was playing a game. I thought I was in the NFL and man, what a dream.

My brother, Justin, and I would spend our early adult years continuing to play 2K5. We would take the old game and update it to today’s rosters and use them in a season. That’s how good the game is! We literally would spend hours basically re-writing a game, creating hundreds of players in order to bring the game up to date. To be honest, I would do it again today if I had more time to create all these players.

Madden 20 made it tough but still is penultimate.

This year’s edition of Madden is pretty close to ESPN 2K5.

-and by close I mean still about 7 or 8 hours away from its destination. 

Believe it or not, Madden still struggles to reach the same glory that 2K5 achieved even 16 years later. The franchise is still glitchy and provides a franchise experience that still needs a few hours of tweaking before you can thoroughly enjoy it. The presentation cannot even hold a candle to ESPN 2K5’s presentation and after the community has been asking for improvements for so long, I’m convinced that EA just doesn’t know how to get better.

Maybe they’re incompetent.

Here’s the video that sparked this rant courtesy of SOFTDRINKTV.

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