• October 23, 2020

“Can’t Hurt Me” By David Goggins Brought Out the Best In Me

 “Can’t Hurt Me” By David Goggins Brought Out the Best In Me

A good book massages my soul and inspires me to be adventurous. Said good book also allows me to question myself and my abilities in order to raise the ceiling of possibility for success. A good author finds a way to bring me into their huddle, listen to their play call, and be inspired to put forth a winning effort, laying it all on the line; even my life. Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins did exactly that.

This book is another gift from my good friend and business partner, Jay. Goggins’ story was eerily similar to mine (minus the parental abuse and issues at home); he lived in Buffalo, NY then relocated to Indiana (like me) and he also has similar conversations with himself (like me). However, a major difference between our two stories is that his definition of ‘defying the odds’ is way more intense than mine. I used to think that I was an intense type of guy but Goggins surely has me beat. But, it’s inspiring!

The Skinny

David Goggins is a U.S Navy Seal who has made a hobby of pushing the limits. He’s battled multiple times with Naval training regimens that break the average person. He has run over 100 miles in one race, most of them requiring him to run for 24 hours. He’s run extreme marathons in triple digit weather, battling all sorts of unbelievable ailments along the way. He’s dropped hundreds of pounds in an unthinkably short span of time and he’s had his share of health battles as well.

But even deeper, David Goggins has surpassed the emotional and mental limitations that most others would fold under. He survived an abusive childhood in the city of Buffalo, NY. That ushered him into an adolescence of confusion and low self-esteem. He’s seen death multiple times and has had to recreate his enthusiasm for a better life on numerous occasions; against all odds.

He’s been doubted, disrespected, divorced, and dissected but he continued to swim against those limitations. Oh, speaking of swimming: he became a Navy seal and didn’t know how to swim. Again, dude is intense.

Can’t Hurt Me Will Save Your Life

It’s the story of fighting against the odds that made this book my favorite book of 2019. I’ve never read a piece that spoke to me so heavy and was able to shift my mindset more and more with each page that I read. This book took me on a tearful journey through my childhood transgressions, confused adolescence, confident-less young adult life, and successful moments of adulthood, all in between the covers of Can’t Hurt Me.

Since reading this book, I’ve began running nearly 5 miles a day. Before reading it, I always thought that 1 mile was my “limit” because I’ve been haunted by asthma my entire life. I’ve never really had any bad battles with it but growing up with the aspirations of professional sports, I was always pushing the whole “asthma” limits. I was always instructed to “take it easy” and “sit out a few plays to be safe”. It all makes sense, asthma is very dangerous.

Give it your all.

As an adult, I was always under the impression that one mile would be my limit for running and I even started to feel fatigued once I hit the one mile mark. But, after reading Can’t Hurt Me, I slowly started to push the limits a bit, working my way up from one mile every other day to 5+ miles, 6 days a week. Not to mention, my cardiovascular health feels better than it ever has and I thank Goggins (and my friend Jay) because had I never read this book, I would still be dragging for a mile on the treadmill.

This book also re-enforced the idea that you have to give everything your all. It re-calibrated my mind to focus on keeping enthusiasm ignited in everything I do and to never slack up! In frustration for dealing with different situations I had become an excuse-ridden young professional who was bitterly mad at the world for making me work for what I want. Somehow along the way I started dragging throughout the day’s tasks, searching for excuses to alienate myself from my responsibilities. After reading Goggins’ book, my mind has re-focused and my thought process operates on these simple words: “get it done.”

This Book Is For Those Who Want To Be Introduced To The Best Version of Themselves.

If you’re looking to tap into the next level of your existence and purpose, find Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins. This is the look into the mirror that you didn’t know you needed.

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