• October 1, 2020

“Ghost Town America” Could Be Healthy For the World

 “Ghost Town America” Could Be Healthy For the World


The coronavirus has gripped the world. Our once bustling land has become “Ghost Town America” but I think it’s a good thing.

My usual 22 minute commute has been cut down to 15 minutes. My neighborhood grocery store had nothing in it when I went to visit, last night. Things are different. According to President Trump, this new norm could last into the summer. “They think August, it could be July, could be longer than that,” Trump said in a press conference Monday (Mar. 16).

Families have been instructed to stay home and self-quarantine themselves from this virus. Many jobs have shut down and are prohibiting employees from returning for at least two weeks. The same has been true for the school systems. Kids are out of school across the country for the next few weeks. As a result, fear has gripped our communities and quite frankly, it’s understandable. Our normal lives have been shaken up and the idea of tomorrow seems increasingly faint. We’ve got a leader who addresses the nation saying that it isn’t a serious thing but officials say other wise. Companies are forfeiting millions of dollars as a result of this virus; it’s scary because we know how serious something has to be in order for businesses to lose money.

We are now stocking up our homes and keeping our awareness high for the loved ones around us. The world around us is no longer about comfort. It has seemingly become about survival.

-all of sudden, everything that felt important before seems minuscule compared to the certainty that your loved ones are safe.

That’s why I feel like the silver lining of it all is the unity it promotes within families and communities. It’s a reminder from Mother Nature that same of the luxuries we have decorated our lives with are just not as important as they may seem. We’ve been reminded that above all, loving and supporting our families and communities is one of the most powerful characteristics of a surviving society. This virus has stripped us of our excess and brings us back to basics;

Life, love, humanity, and… snacks.

(Sorry, I had to mention the snacks). Hear more on episode 105 of Brian’s World!

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