• September 28, 2020

“Action Jackson” Tops BWFL AFC North Quarterbacks: Rankings

 “Action Jackson” Tops BWFL AFC North Quarterbacks: Rankings


The “Brian’s World Sports Madden 20” league is rolling through its fourth season. User @ChrstBLiftedUp has dominated the league thus far, grabbing two of the four possible Super Bowls. This season, he and his Ravens squad has been on a tear again. Currently undefeated, the charge has been led by arguably the best quarterback in the game, Lamar Jackson.

It’s no secret that Jackson’s performance has him on top of the AFC North. Let’s rank the QBs:

Lamar Jackson (ChrstBLiftedUp, Ravens) :

No. 8 has been dominant on the field. Though many would expect him to perform better on the ground, he’s been quite the force in the air. He is completely surrounded by weapons in Baltimore including a Free Agent pick up, Alshon Jefferey.

Baker Mayfield (CPU, Browns)

Baker began the league with a bang. He led the Browns to win the first BW Sports Bowl but things haven’t been quite the same. ChrstBLiftedUp’s rise with the Ravens has put a damper on Mayfield’s growth.

Going into this season, the Jarvis Landry move to the Broncos took away one of Mayfield’s weapons. The computer controlled Browns picked up Deebo Samuel to help Mayfield but as the season goes on, it’s possible he could lose Beckham.

He comfortably is the second best QB in the AFC North.

Drew Lock (CPU, Steelers)

After spending a little time under ChrstBLiftedUp in Baltimore, Drew Lock has found a home in Pittsburgh. The off-season move has so far led the Steelers to a sub-par season. The multi-year contract spells out the Steelers’ plans to keep him under center. Since they are just beginning their relationship, there aren’t many weapons around Lock.

He’s quite the talent under center but without the proper weapons, he’s only third on this list.

Josh Rosen (CPU, Bengals)

Much like Locke, after floating around the league Josh Rosen has found a home in Cincinnati. It was believed that the Bengals would have found a Quarterback in the pss-heavy 23′ Draft but the front office elected to continue with Rosen under center.

As the season rolls on, it’ll be interesting to see how Rosen and the Bengals turn things around. You have to expect that Cincinatti will fight to put some weapons around Rosen in the next season, possibly before next week’s trade deadline.


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