• December 2, 2020

Oh, Now It All Makes Sense: Donald Glover Drops “3.15.20”

 Oh, Now It All Makes Sense: Donald Glover Drops “3.15.20”


One week after mysteriously streaming an album on a website, Donald Glover has dropped the 3.15.20 album.

The star began grabbing attention after randomly posting new music on his website. It played continuously and social media quickly exploded. The 12-track LP has most of the songs titled as different numbers. They appear to represent the run times of the songs.

Pretty cool.

Good to see that despite the corona-virus tragedy that the world is facing, some of our favorite artists are still working to serve us new music. It’s been rather dark across the world but I give kudos to majority of our entertainers. It’s tough to almost act as if everything is normal but through it all, we’ve got a new album from Gambino.

Stream it below. You know I will!

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