• September 30, 2020

P.J Walker’s Signing To Carolina Is Just the Beginning of His Story

 P.J Walker’s Signing To Carolina Is Just the Beginning of His Story


I couldn’t be happier about the news out of Charlotte. Reports surfaced Monday (March 23) that the Carolina Panthers have signed XFL stand out, P.J. Walker.

He was a joy to watch on the field in the XFL’s inaugural season. In fact, in the beginning days of this site I wrote about how he was the top rated QB in the league. Some of the plays that he was able to pull off were simply unbelievably. It was impossible to not imagine him in an NFL uniform.

No matter how much I love the XFL, I still loved the idea of Walker in the big leagues.

The conflicting thought for me was battling with my love for the league and my love for the players. I think the league survives by finding the perfect balance between those thoughts. But, Walker will dominate any league that he’s in and I think it holds true as he heads to Charlotte.

Walker will re-unite with his old coach Matt Rhule from Temple. With their recent signing of Teddy Bridgewater, I don’t know how much of the field Walker will see. Whatever he gets, he’ll put on a show. Also, I know Cam Newton is still a Panther but don’t expect to see him in a Panthers jersey much longer. I think he’ll be moving on to another team, certainly best for both parties.

It’s just the beginning.

-and the reason I say that is because the kid is literally that talented.

I often times wonder how many athletes are one decision away from being legendary. Like, suppose there’s a better player somewhere who just didn’t get the best opportunity? It’s life. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate a little when the underdog wins.

With this signing, the underdog won.

Walker played with quite a force in Houston. The 6-foot QB1 threw for 1,338 yards and 15 touchdowns in the XFL’s inaugural (and abbreviated) season. Sounds nice, but you should see the kid play.

He knows he’s got the skills but he also knows the NFL will be another process. “This process is going to be a daily tough grind,” Walker said to ESPN. “You have to get after it. It’s going to be a lot of business. Rhule is a business guy who likes to make sure everything gets done the right way. We’re going to push each other to get the best out of each player.”

When about Rhule’s expectations for him, “He just wants me to come in here and compete,” said Walker. “He believes in me. He wants to be a leader and factor in building the team.”

I believe in you too, bud. Atta-boy.

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