• December 2, 2020

Our Analysis Indicates That the “IG Live” Explosion During the Quarantine Is Epic

 Our Analysis Indicates That the “IG Live” Explosion During the Quarantine Is Epic


Over the weekend, DJs, entertainers, creatives and others streamed live on Instagram this past weekend.

Well, it actually has been going longer than the weekend. Since millions of American families have been quarantined inside their homes, people have been taking to the internet to entertain. As the New York Times so eloquently put it, “the hottest parties are now online.”

Many people were flocking to celebrity DJ, D-Nice. He racked up over 100, 000 viewers during his Instagram Live party. The Times asked about what inspired the appearance. “Sitting at home during this quarantine, I started to feel empty,” he said. “There is nothing like playing the music and feeling the music.”

Nothing like it, D. You’re right. But it’s not the music, it’s the energy. 

It’s no secret that this is quite possibly the most turbulent times of our lives. I know I’ve never witness something to this magnitude before. It’s a dark work right now and we’re all trying to understand. Partying with various DJs, dropping in on family meetings, private concerts, whatever; it’s all about bringing light to our dark world.

The New York Times also broke down the science behind it. I knew it was some science somewhere. Dr. Brittany LeMonda shares that our desire for socializing outweighs the limits of a quarantine. Instagram, and other platforms, have been our only ways to reach out and touch others. “We are social animals and that doesn’t just go away during a crisis,” she said. “If this becomes our new normal, we have to get creative with how we feel connectedness.”

Shout out to everyone who went live during the pandemic. Nice to still be able to connect with others.

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