• December 2, 2020

NBA Discussing Centralized Game Sites and Playing Games With No Fans After Coronavirus

 NBA Discussing Centralized Game Sites and Playing Games With No Fans After Coronavirus


The NBA is exploring options of restarting the league after coronavirus pandemic.

Clearly, the end of this pandemic is still out of sight. But NBA analysts and officials have been collaborating on ideas of how the league can play again. All play was suspended on March 11th after a player tested positive for the virus. The indefinite suspension has caused for sports networks to play re-runs of games.

As tired as we may be of the re-runs, I’d rather preserve the safety of fans, coaches, and players. But, we can’t help but fantasize about the NBA’s return. The league has been working to make that fantasy a reality.

Apparently the NBA is currently discussing the possibility of the league returning in a limited form. Obviously, the remainder of the season will have to be condensed as scheduling may allow. General concerns have been more about safety than anything as officials will need to protect players and fans. Therefore, games could be played in centralized locations to prevent players having to travel. Then, the games may also be played in front of empty stands to protect fans.

It’s weird because no one is the champion.

The season was a little over halfway through  before it was cancelled. So many story lines have begun their journeys and fans were just beginning to get into the season.

I can’t imagine that the league would go on without crowning a champion. I think that’s what’s really fueling the desire to finish the season — that and the money, of course. Even if it’s in the summer, I think the NBA would like to carry its season on for fans and players. “They’re very determined to have a champion,” one industry source said according to New York Post.

For us to get that champion, the league may look a little weird for the rest of the season. The remainder of the season may be organized into little clusters of teams to participate in a round-robin tournament. Orlando, Atlantic City, Hawaii, and Louisville are in talks of possibly hosting the playoffs.

Maybe we’ll get a champion by any means necessary.

Health>basketball. Safety first is still the rule.

It’s not like an official NBA rule but it’s one of the unwritten life rules. In everything we do, we have to make sure we’re preserving health and safety. That’s why I think we shouldn’t get too excited about the league’s return and could possibly lose this season all together.

Fact is, we are a long way away from winning the fight against the coronavirus. We’ve got a ways to go before it’ll be comfortable to even leave the house. That means we’re light years away from leaving the house to go to an NBA game where 20,000 other people will be. Also, the league cannot risk something happening as a result of it opening its doors too early.

When it comes to things “returning to normal”, I think professional sports will be some of the last to do so. 

Realistically, the idea of a round-robin tournament in the late summer sounds cool but even that’s a stretch right now. If the opportunity presents itself for the league then let’s have it then! But I don’t want it a single second before it’s safe to do so.

I agree with Jeff Van Gundy: “I‘m not an expert, but I’d be surprised if the NBA plays again this season,’’ he tells the NY Post.

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