• October 1, 2020

Here’s How Nipsey Hussle Helped Save My 2018

 Here’s How Nipsey Hussle Helped Save My 2018

Today marks one year since we lost Nipsey Hussle.

He was one of my favorite rappers and his flow was more than music; it was life. His voice has done a lot for me. I wrote about it on my other website last New Year’s Day. It highlighted and explained what Nipsey did for my 2018.

Nipsey Hussle Helped Save My 2018

My 2018 was anchored by many voices who helped me see the end of the year. My relationship with God improved greatly as well while I began to hear his voice through others. One of those voices was California Hip Hop star, Nipsey Hussle.

I argue with friends and family about this all the time but its a no-brainer to me: music is supposed to feel as good as it sounds. I think that good music is music that brings good to the listener’s life. Good music is supposed to inspire the listener to want to achieve higher heights for themselves. Even deeper, good music is supposed to be a reflection of a good artist.

Meet Nipsey Hussle.

Chasing the sound and feeling of his music, I am pretty much a student of the Nipsey Hussle lifestyle. He dropped his Grammy nominated album, Victory Lap, on February 16th 2018. I remember the moment specifically because I was on the ab machine at a Gold’s Gym in Maryland. I had always had a connection with my leo-twin but from the very first line of Victory Lap, I knew he would become a heavy voice of the rest of my year, and possibly life:

“I’m prolific, so gifted. I’m the type that’s gonna’ go get it,” – Nipsey Hussle, Victory Lap 2018

I was (and still am) in a proving ground for myself and my beliefs. I wasn’t proving anything to anyone but myself, trying to keep me from giving up and going to get a regular job. After being let go from Full-Time radio in Indianapolis after an 8 year career, I had fostered a ceiling of doubt on my life and career. I knew that the next level of my life would require a solid understanding between me and the eyes in the mirror that I am in fact, prolific and gifted and the type that’s going to go get it.

I spent a great portion of my life trying to fight that honest truth about myself. I lost a great portion of time trying to fight that honest truth about myself. But, Nipsey’s voice on February 16th brought me to a firm belief that no matter how heavy the rain gets in my purple little life, I would never let anything come in between the grind.

Remember, good music is supposed to have a feeling. It’s supposed to introduce you to a better you.  Meet Nipsey Hussle. 

My lone 2018 regret also surrounds Sir Hussle, I’ll tell you about it really quickly:

Hussle was on tour and stopped through the station that I currently am on air for, 92Q in Baltimore. I can literally count on one hand the number of artists and entertainers who halted my professionalism and ability to work; Nipsey was one of them.

He was in the studio doing an interview with my co-workers and I didn’t go speak. I didn’t go introduce myself and I definitely didn’t play him any music. Regrets don’t come often for my thunderstruck life but that day was surely one of them. 

What would I have said? Simple. I would have said,

“thank you for helping to tear down this ceiling on my life and introducing me to the grind of artistry, integrity, and hussle.”

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