• December 2, 2020

Students Use Robots To Attend Graduation Ceremony In Tokyo Amid Coronavirus

 Students Use Robots To Attend Graduation Ceremony In Tokyo Amid Coronavirus


The coronavirus pandemic has cancelled many events across the world. One Japanese college refuses to let it shut down their graduation.

Students of the Business Breakthrough University in Tokyo controlled robots from their homes to accept their degrees. The robots are eerily named “NEWME” and are created by ANA Holdings. Each student maximized their graduation experience as best as a pandemic would allow.


The robots were dressed in full cap and gown. Screens replaced the tops of the robots with the students’ faces. There was a ‘mid-rack’ in the torso of the robots that administrators used to place their degrees in. Each student received an ovation from attending staff as University President Kenichi Ohmae placed the degrees in the robots.

The best that we can do.

As a realest, I’m a fan of the new norm. Here’s what I mean.

I’m a student who has worked his tail off over the last three years in graduate school. Not being able to graduate this year hurts. Well, I’ll be graduating but I won’t get a ceremony. It’s not part of the degree, but it is. I won’t be walking across the stage next month.

I’ve accepted and processed that entire reality because it’s the best that we can do right now.  

I’m sure these kids had ambitions of finishing their collegiate careers to thunderous applause. They probably wanted to walk across the stage and shake the hands (sounds nasty now, right?) of the staff that helped them get to this point. Unfortunately, that’s not possible for our world right now.

Thankfully, the staff at this university has admitted that and still devote their passions to getting their kids across the stage. Even for those schools who don’t have the ability to do the “robot-ized” graduations, just like every other industry in the world right now;

the education system is doing the best it can do. Cheers to the graduating class of 2020.  

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