• October 30, 2020

Madden 21 Should Use NFL Head Coach 2006’s Franchise Interface

 Madden 21 Should Use NFL Head Coach 2006’s Franchise Interface


I remember playing NFL Head Coach for hours when I was kid. We had the game on XBOX (OG) and spent hours building teams to push for the Super Bowl. It never felt too easy and it always felt tense. The game mode felt as though you actually had to build a team in order to garner any sort of success.

Head Coach’s franchise took you to the draft “war room”, tense contract negotiationsĀ  with players and staff, weekly practices (multiple), as well as in-depth scouting of free agents and prospects. Of course, itĀ  took us to the sidelines as well, creating a feeling of football euphoria that provided a well-rounded simulation of NFL daily operations.

Madden’s CFM struggles.

Madden introduced the Connected Franchise Mode with its Madden 25 title. It’s been a train-wreck ever since.

The game has never fully grasped the full feeling of NFL simulation and as someone who plays nearly 10 15 hours of Madden a week, more is needed. Fans of the NFL franchise have long complained about CFM’s limited offerings and Madden continues to place its focus on other modes like MUT, and “QB1”. In fact, there’s a petition floating around Change.org asking EA to refund CFM players. “CFM players are pushed to the back burner so EA can collect more money from loot boxes,” the petition reads. “Those of us who play other modes are demanding a refund on our $60-$100 purchases.”

Its glitchy system is a pain to play with. You get tired of playing the same four teams in the Pre-Season. Then, you get tired of other teams not playing their back ups during the Pre-Season. The draft has found a way to go backwards and with each step backwards, I miss the days of being able to play the combine activities. Often times, the franchise presentation offers a disconnected batch of commentary that shows that Electronic Arts puts little effort into this mode.

NFL Head Coach did that.

Electronic Arts released NFL Head Coach in 2006 and it was an experience that was ahead of its time. The sequel to the game was released in 2009 but it wasn’t nearly as detailed as the 2006 version was. While this isn’t a Madden 2021 wish list I will say this, I wish they would adopt some of the things that NFL Head Coach offered.

Just an overall more enjoyable and realistic franchise experience.

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